Africa Science Communication Network, brings news and information on science and research in Africa research institutions and universities as well news on innovations and technology in Africa.


Our mission is to put African research and innovation on the world map and be part of a strong science communication platform that will make an impact in African research receiving adequate recognition and funding to move research from the labs to the streets.


If you are interested in having your research, technology stories or information published, or display your adverts, conferences, job offering on our website for an affordable fee. Please contact us.



It is Africa Science Communication Network Ltd’s mission to ensure that institutions conducting research on the continent are positioned, recognised, ranked, and promoted and that capacity is sustained through active engagement with all stakeholders.


Research and development have become a significant factor in Africa’s long-term participation in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union 2063 Agenda. Thus, universities, research institutes, consortia, think tanks, industry and government are driven to become more research-intensive to meet these objectives and provide resources for African development.


Despite a number of factors affecting the science, technology and innovation ecosystem in Africa, the commitment had to be made to identify the resourcing needs of potential African universities, research institutions, government departments and private sector and industry to participate in the program to determine how to boost resource mobilisation and institutional advancement for dissemination and commercialisation.


Africa Science Communication Network Ltd, ASCN, will assist African institutions to catalyse a national database for science, technology, and innovation stakeholders and for the effective dissemination of findings and activities as the first step in the development of a fully-fledged networking and collaboration management portal.


Africa Science Communication Network Ltd aims to improve the accessibility and proximity to research funding, findings and uptake across the continent by providing ongoing access to global schemes and research and innovation insights targeting African and for African institutions on an individual and institutional base license to lead our scientifically-based focus to development, poverty alleviation and improvement of collaboration on the continent and beyond through information technology.


Moving forward, Africa Science Communication Network Ltd aims to work closely with communication offices of research and higher education institutions, as well as government, agencies and industry stakeholders to widen the reach of scientific publications, institutional portfolio, researchers profiling, and addressing the deficiency of information by consulting between sectors to enhance the scope and support policymaking and higher impact interventions for Africa by African institutions with global supports.

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