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A Unified Network
Africa Science Communication Network is Africa’s next generation global research and innovation integrated knowledge management network and professional environment where scholars, investigators, change managers, science communicators, research administrators, development officers and policymakers can access news and information, donor-funded programmes and expertise to partner and work together in achieve their vision

Researchers can subscribe to Africa Science Communication Network grant and funding opportunity offers from global donor with focus on Africa.
Gain Access
Gain access to comprehensive donor-funded programmes for Africa
Connect with research
Connect with research and development professionals by location, institutions, research interests, or projects
Discover projects
Discover the highlights from innovative projects, schemes, research institutions, industry experts and changemakers
Access innovative tools
Access research and collaboration innovative tools, as well as academic, research and science related jobs and events
professional branding
Establish a professional branding to showcase your key academic, professional and extra-curricular accomplishments
Access resources
Access to great resources and the latest news, opportunities and developments in Africa.


You can also donate to us or fund some of our projects which includes our science education project called “Catch Them Young”, contact us on +2349020112789,

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Africa Science Communication Network provides a powerful tool that enables access to a global source of information on scholars and development professionals – Africa Science Communication Network. The platform allows to strengthen cooperation between universities, government, and the private sector in Africa and provides access to a vast database of support resources available to foster networking and collaboration through the cultivation of local and international partnerships and building of strong network connections for future opportunities. Hubs have been identified to bring you all the necessary resources in one place, making it easy for researchers and development professionals to discover what they are looking for without going through so many layers. It allows you to build a résumé, connect with professionals matching your interest worldwide, and introduce yourself and communication via the message module. Africa Science Communication Network is a tool that can readily enable you to identify experts in your fields or industry and connect with them. Our newsletters and blogs will keep you updated with the latest trends and news relevant to science, technology, and innovation.